A Quick Guide to Online Football Betting

casino Online football betting

Online football betting has become so popular these days because it makes sports viewing so much more exciting. It can also be profitable, especially for those who learn how to pick winners and use online bonuses profitability, as well as principles in line shopping and betting odds.


In Thailand, the Civil and Commercial Code sections 853 and 855 stipulate that gambling debts are legally non-enforceable. Therefore, if you made a bet with either a friend or a bookie and you win but they don’t pay up, there will be no legal recourse to lay claim of your winnings. This means your bet will be treated as if it never existed. However, betting on the internet is somehow different.


The following will serve as your guide to starting with online football betting.


You basically have 3 options for gambling on sports if you live in the Kingdom. You can either book a flight to Las Vegas and play in one of their sports books or simply find a bookie around town. However, because of the prohibition placed upon betting money in Thailand, your best choice would be signing up with an online sportsbook.


To find a bookie, you can turn to countries where gambling is completely legal. ASEAN members such as Burma, Cambodia, Philippines, and Laos, as well as the UK territory of Isle of Man, have numerous sports betting websites. Although these sites are hosted overseas, they do support languages such as Thai and follow the Asian odds format. Most of them also receive currencies in Baht.


To begin with, deposit an initial amount in any of the recommended local Thai bank accounts. Most of the online bookies support Siam Commercial Bank or SCB, while about 138 of them support Bangkok Bank. The deposited amount will serve as your source of funding for your online football betting activities.


Even if the site services Thai players, these online gambling websites are actually located outside of Thailand. They are usually based in countries where betting is fully legal and licensed by the government, this gives you the assurance that you are completely safe with them.


Furthermore, you can plan a legal recourse whenever a bookie fails to pay your winnings. If this happens, which is rarely, you can file a complaint with the regulator that issued the betting site’s license or with their local police. You can even take the matter to a court of law.


However, you need not worry. Circumstances like that rarely happen since these sites are legal. But, just to be extra cautious, it is best to learn everything about the site first before signing up.


Look up for information on their offered betting opportunities, available promotions, payment options, as well as customer services. It is also highly important to read through the terms and conditions to avoid unwarranted surprises in the future. It would also be very beneficial to learn as much as you can about online sports betting to increase your chances of winning.  


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